10th to 13th of October 2019
IV Brewery Collectibles World Convention

Dear friends collectors of the world:
In the way to the World Convention in La Plata, Argentina, I want to send you the latest news of the Organization, in order to take knowledge of all what is happening and that, thanks to God, is already set up permanently for a good event.
The biggest problem faced is that the “national meeting of women” (already mentioned as matching sane dates than our BCWC) has taken hughe dimensions... more of 100,000 women expected from all parts of Argentina, putting at risk the safety of all official activities carried out in the city, by thus, the municipality of La Plata decided to cancel all events without exception, for the dates of 10 to 13 October above all what was going to be in the premises of the Pasaje Dardo Rocha, principal place of our event.
Notwithstanding this terrible news for our expectations that were already fixed, we moved quickly and were able to arrange the use of the Sports Centre of the Union of SOSBA, located 25 blocks from all official hotels, with facilities including that are biger and comfortable than the same Pasaje Dardo Rocha, where you will enter with exclusive bus service between the 9 AM and 7 PM, from and to the hotels, for transportation of collectors and their items.
The 300 tables are already rented that we hope are taken by collectors, 2.20 mts long, by 0.80 m wide with their tablecloth and two chairs, each.
We have rooms provided for meetings of the WEC and the General Assembly of delegates, also at the SOSBA sports centre.
We have arranged the reception cocktail in the ceremonial room of the Honorable Senate of the P.Bs.As. and statements of interest Municipal, the Chamber of Representatives and almost done in the Chamber of senators.
There are still some rooms in the two main hotels (Corregidor and Days Inn) with preferential rates.

Main information

We've being working very hard during the year to have everything ready as soon as possible for our October world convention.

Accomodation: three good hotels and one hostel were negotiated and are full blocked for our people attending the event. Prices are 75 usd the double room, or less per night, which we consider a great rate. Do not “sleep”, to make the reservations... New hotels will be higher rates.

Tours around the city: already negotiated a free tour during the event in a double flat bus. (To those with registration tag)

Car museum: free admission for the attendants with registration tag.

Gift bag: will be given to collectors during registration, including presents from the sponsors, commemoratives glass, bottle (special edition), coasters, stickers, diploma of attendance, crown caps, etc

Tables: so far we will have 300 rented tables and tablecloths. 2,2 x 0,8 meters size.

Transfer service: we arranged with a company to have a 24 hs transfer from and to both Argentinian airports (international and domestic) to La Plata hotels. Very good rate of aprox 45 usd (still negotiating). You can find the contact information on this web page.

Trade floor building: already reserved for the event with local governant security and hired private security to keep safe the collectibles at night, after the trading hours.

Official declarations of interest: already given by local government, provincial senators and representatives. We are requesting the national.

Meals: the registered attendants will have included the cocktail reception on October 10th, with social competitions and dancing, and the final banquet on the night of October 13th at Corregidor Hotel, with recognitions, big key given from La Plata club to Turkish club, announcements for nexts BCWC in the future. Etc. Also at the trade floor sessions will be food trucks facilities and probably free beer. (Negotiating with the main sponsors)

General Assembly: on Saturday 12th 5:30 PM in a special room at the trade floor with snacks and beverages.

Admission: during the first two days (Friday 11th and Saturday 12th) the admission to the trade floor will be EXCLUSIVELY to the registered attendants with tag. Like in BCCA, "no tag, no fun". On Sunday will be open to the public who will pay a very cheap ticket for benefic purposes.

Fees: thru this web page is official open the registration proceeds with the following rates: since now to May 31th: usd 100; from June 1st to August 30th: usd 120 and the remaining time from September 1st to the event: usd 130. Payment facilities are also available inside.

Important: no sponsors or government give money to the organization. It is not usual, and today in Argentina the situation doesn't help for it. Anyway it was expected, and we have everything covered.

Staff: we will have the leading coordination in my person, with three co-coordinators: Sergio García Reynaud, Cristian De Antoni, and Alfredo Aprea (treasure); (all Spanish and English speaking persons); 15 persons from the local club, 8 more from national COLCER club and 5 more from URUCER (uruguayan club). Obviously all of them with different responsibilities.

There are some other few details that will be informed in the near future.

Juan Carlos De Marco
World General Coordinator


Agenda and official program of the IV BCWC

  • Thursday, October 10th

    19 HS
    Cocktail Reception to the attendees and their companions, at the "Nunca Más" Hall, of the Annex of the Provincial Senators House, placed at Av. 7 in corner with street 49.
    21 HS
    Begining of registrations, (credentials and vouchers).
    Same building
    Competitions for men:
    1.-hold jars of a liter of beer for longer period of time,
    2.- drink in less time a liter of beer.
    Competitions for ladies:
    1.-drink in less time a pint of beer with a straw;
    2.- Construction of a pyramid of cans in the shortest time. General Referee: Doug Groth.

  • Friday, October 11th

    10 hs to 17 hs:
    Official opening of the event, words of welcome and start of exchanges, buy- sale of collectibles. Sports Centre SOSBA Union (Camino Rivadavia and Street 128, Ensenada)
    17:30 hs:
    Photographs of the attending delegations of Clubs and Countries.
    18 hs:
    BCWC World Executive Committee Meeting (Sports Centre SOSBA)

    Throughout the day will be circulating the bus for the City Tour visiting La Plata city and its attractions.

  • Saturday, October 12th

    10 hs to 17 hs:
    Continuity of exchanges buy and sell of collectibles. Sports Centre SOSBA.
    17:30 hs:
    Meeting of Delegates of the clubs present, to discuss the attached agenda.
    1. Accreditation of Delegates
    2. Reading the minutes from the previous meeting and considerations.
    3. Incorporation of new clubs
    4. Election of four members for the World Executive Committee (WEC) – two from each hemisphere for ending period of mandate.
    5. Election of World General Coordinator for ending period of mandate.
    6. Progress of the 4th BCWC under development
    7. Presentation of candidates for the 6th. BCWC 2023 World Convention (orange hemisphere):
    8. Pre-candidacies for future BCWCs in 2023, 2025, etc. (non-binding):
    9. Open discussion of items proposed by Delegates
    10. Recognitions and Distinctions

  • Sunday, October 13th

    10 hs to 17 hs:
    Continuity of exchanges buy- sale of collectibles, open to general visitors. Sports Centre SOSBA
    20 hs:
    Final Banquet, distinctions (trophy to the largest foreign delegation, the assistant of longest distance traveled to the event; to the best media coverage of the event by a club member), deposit the key of the BCWC on hands of next organizer (Istanbul, Turkey). Words of La Plata mayor, of the president of Coleccionistas Platense and official closing by the World General Coordinator. Place: Hotel Corregidor.


Below we offer you a list of those hotels with which we work.

Hotel Corregidor

Calle 6 1026 | La Plata | Bs. As. | Argentina

Days Inn

Avenida 51 511 | La Plata | Bs. As. | Argentina

EY! Mochila

Calle 50 456 | La Plata | Bs. As. | Argentina

Grand Brizo

Avenida 51 y 9 | La Plata | Bs. As. | Argentina


Here places that may interest you from La Plata, Buenos Aires and Argentina


The people who work to make this event possible

Juan Carlos
De Marco

World General Coordinator

García Reynaud

General Co-Coordinator

De Antoni

General Co-Coordinator

Hanna Tatiana

General Co-Coordinator



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